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Skin Renewal Peels

With a combination of kojic, salicylic and resorcinol acids, the Skin Renewal peel packs a punch! Emily recommends this peel, which is one of the safest and most effective on the market, to those with heavily pigmented skin and deep textural concerns. It helps to rebuild collagen and elasticity from within the deeper layers of the epidermis, but also dramatically lifts pigment resulting from years of sun damage or scarring.

GetGlowing MIcro-Peel

Similar in formulation to the Skin Renewal peel, the Micro-peel was developed for clients who cannot afford the downtime or higher cost of the Skin Renewal peel. This peel works at a more gentle rate, but still delivers! The Micro-peel is incredibly effective for clients dealing with texture and pigmentation due to acne or environmental factors. Emily also loves this peel to help incrementally soften fine lines and lighten discoloration incrementally with each additional treatment. 3-5 treatments recommended.

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The BioRepeel is an exciting new peel formulated with 30% TCA (the stuff that makes you peel like a snake). But with its “biphasic” technology, you will see all of the benefits of a TCA peel, without the heavy peel! It is designed to bypass the epidermis, and work its magic from the inside out. The BioRepeel is beneficial for acne prone skin and mature skin alike, as the TCA and salicylic acids will help to decongest the pores, and the Vitamin C and amino acids will brighten the skin and stimulate the formation of new healthy cells.


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