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Emily likes to call Aviclear your “long game” for acne. This incredible treatment is the very first FDA approved laser specifically designed to tackle mild, moderate, and severe acne. Unlike traditional treatments that focus solely on surface-level issues, AviClear provides a comprehensive solution for long-lasting results. By targeting and suppressing the sebaceous glands, this amazing laser will balance oil production and prevent future breakouts. Hormones, diet, stress, however your acne is being triggered, Aviclear doesn’t care! It shoots right for that oil production to balance it out. (Pssst- this laser is ideal for teens who aren’t interested or having difficulty following a skincare routine.)

Acne Facial Consultation and Treatment with Face Reality

If you suffer from mild, moderate or severe acne, Emily would LOVE to help! At this first appointment, Emily will discuss how her acne program works, educate you on lifestyle choices that may contribute to breakouts, and perform your first acne treatment to start the healing process. You’ll go home with a personalized regimen of 6-7 products from Face Reality, a line of skincare products designed specifically for acneic skin types.

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Acne Facial Treatment with Face Reality

Combined with a strict and structured at-home skin care regimen, the acne facial with Face Reality is your biweekly golden ticket to clear skin. This treatment includes deep cleanse, enzyme or peel for exfoliation, extractions, high frequency, and LED light therapy. After the initial consultation, Emily’s Face Reality regulars will book this treatment every 2 weeks for optimum results.

Acne Body Treatment with Face Reality

Acne does not always appear only on the face. It can show up on any part of the body that has sebaceous activity. If you have acne on your back or upper arms, a Face Reality body treatment, in combination with your home care products, can greatly reduce and eliminate breakouts and pigmentation. This treatment will follow the same cleanse, exfoliation and extraction steps as the face, followed by any needed advanced modalities.

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