About Emily

While skincare has always been my passion, I reserved 15 years for raising my family at home and supporting my husband through his post-graduate education. In 2022, I was fortunate to finally launch Emily Sessions Skincare and turn my passion and expertise in skin into a small business with a facial studio in the heart of beautiful Bucks County. Using a combination of traditional methods, the finest quality products and ingredients, and the latest technology, I am confident that, together, we can transform your skin where you want it to be.

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Emily’s philosophy

Skincare is a necessity, not a luxury. Caring for your skin should take priority over all else. Hair, nails, lashes, makeup, they all come second to skin. And not only from an esthetic standpoint, but because skincare is important to our health. We must protect and nurture this organ that is the largest in our bodies. But this does not have to be complicated! Daily sunscreen, high quality products appropriate to your skin type and condition, and a regular facial with me will have you looking and feeling your absolute best. I am here to help!

Your appointment with Emily

When you arrive at Emily Sessions Skincare, I want you to step into my little office and feel right at home. Wear casual, comfortable clothes (sweats are my fave) and not a stitch of makeup. In preparation for any facial treatment, especially those that are more advanced, please discontinue any products with active ingredients (retinol, vitamin C, any acids) for 3 nights beforehand and do not use any physical or chemical exfoliants for 1 week beforehand. Please fill out any forms and waivers sent to you when you book. I can’t wait to see you!

A Note:

I never accept tips. I would rather you not stress about any additional cost. Instead, I would love you to save that additional cost and consider putting it toward beautiful products. 80 percent of your skincare journey will come from how you treat your skin at home, so skip Ulta and Target and get the good stuff!!


Restored confidence is just a few steps away


Reach out below to select the best day and time for us to assess your skin, and get this party started.


Based on your skin type, concerns, and goals, we’ll create a treatment plan that focuses on safety and results.


Some can be instant — but no matter the length of your plan, we’ll work together to achieve ultimate skin goals.